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Thin Shop, The leading brand of the Textile Industry, has been serving since February 2001 with its designs for all needs and trends in the women’s clothing industry. Thin Shop, which has its own production and design, has become the reason for preference especially in the main item of tights, when the quality it has offered since the first day it was founded, combined with its unique and up-to-date design options.

n this way, it started to cooperate not only in Turkey but also in many parts of the world. Today, you can come across all these designs of Thin Shop in the showcases of fashion stores in many parts of the world, and you can see pieces of different styles, from sportswear to classics. Thin Shop, which stands out with its innovative style in sportswear with its sub-brand Thin-Fit, created in 2010, produces special design pieces not only for its own brand, but also for world well-known brands and different companies from many parts of the world, with its rich and wide collections and production line. You can visit the showroom of Thin Shop adopts as the principle of being the pioneer of innovations by reflecting the changing world trends in its designs and enriches these special designs with the natural and high quality fabrics used. You can follow the social media accounts, and provide quick and easy communication.